A kid at school ran over Gus’ bare big toe today and he says it’s really sore. I’ll give the magic [Herbal Internal Healing] cream a go! ….
Gus’ toe cleared up after two applications! Thank you.

Erika Elliott

It’s awesome. I’ve had tennis elbow… I rub my [Herbal Internal Healing] cream in morning and night, along with magnesium oil, and it’s feeling so much better. No remedial treatments needed. Just the magic cream!!

Erika Elliott

Thanks so much for your awesome [Herbal Internal Healing Cream] ointment. I banged my arm the day after receiving it and only late thought, maybe I should put some on. Aside from smelling divine and being lovely to smell as I went to sleep, the duration and severity of the bruising is markedly affected. I know you gave me extra but I think I’ll need more soon…wondering if it would be wrong to use it as body ointment…LOL!

Jacqueline McNamara

The [Herbal Internal Healing] cream worked really well, thanks! Apart from smelling delicious, I don’t have any pain or issue with strength, etc in that bone. I used it for about 6 weeks til the pain went away, pretty much, and I wasn’t reminded to use it! I (still) haven’t seen a GP or had it xrayed, but I’ve broken bones before, and the feeling is pretty much the same.

Alexandra Snep

My husband has had a soft tissue injury that no one seems to have been able to help for years. He has seen physiotherapists, chiropractors and has had remedial massage therapy and nothing worked. He was losing the use of his wrist due to the pain and was wearing a support brace daily to function with simple tasks. We contacted Virginia and she suggested the Natural Beginnings ‘Herbal Internal Healing Cream’. Within a few applications he had full range of motion back in his wrist without pain, was able to go without his support band, and after a few weeks he had full function again. Thank you so much. He now only uses the cream occasionally and we wouldn’t have the house empty of it

Lisa Richards

I got the Herbal External Healing Cream from Virginia to treat my cat who had severe eczema and fur loss. It was excellent. His skin cleared and the fur began to regrow within a week. I also use it for my kids whenever they have nappy rash or other eczema type issues. Highly recommended.

Liz Carrapetta

Thanks Virginia. Your [Herbal External Healing] Cream is fantastic. I found when I used your cream for 3 days applying twice a day after shower, my eczema cleared up like magic! Better than any chemist cream I have ever used!

Jen Schellhorn

Thanks again for that awesome [Herbal External Healing] Balm you made me. I was worried sex would be painful, but it wasn’t and I’m sure its because I massaged the balm into the [episiotomy] scar tissue.


I loooove the [Herbal External Healing] Balm. I can feel my scar softening already! I’ve also been putting a little bit on the dry spots on my hands. They’re all fixed! Amazing!

Belynda Carrall

The Immune Restore tincture has been my saviour preventing me from doing what I would have previously done as a last resort – take antibiotics! I had a throat infection that wouldn’t budge but going with Virginia’s advice, I tried the tincture and the throat infection was gone withing two days! My Husband at the same time went and got antibiotics and took those to only find the infection came back a couple of weeks later. After seeing how effective the tincture was for me and during an extremely busy and overwhelming time in my life, I decided to start taking the tincture on a regular basis and also offer it to my near 3-year old daughter who will take it sometimes too. Since then we have gone through numerous times of household sickness and we have either not gotten sick or have had reduced duration and severity of symptoms. Truly amazing for me to discover that natural really does beat the meds! What a gift the Immune Restore Booster tincture has been for me and my family!