She [Virginia] is a lifesaver. When I’ve had mastitis, which unfortunately happened many times with my second, she was able to help me with a poke root tincture each time. I am so thankful for her knowledge and help. She is kind and nurturing.
~Allie Paduch

Mastitis herbs

Thanks again for that awesome [Herbal External Healing] Balm you made me. I was worried sex would be painful, but it wasn’t and I’m sure its because I massaged the balm into the [episiotomy] scar tissue.

Herbal Cream

I loooove the [Herbal External Healing] Balm. I can feel my scar softening already! I’ve also been putting a little bit on the dry spots on my hands. They’re all fixed! Amazing!
~Belynda Carrall

Herbal Cream

When I started having some issues with my milk supply being low a couple of weeks after birth, I once again turned to Virginia for advice and she provided me with [the BoobyMilk Booster] tincture which quickly helped boost my milk supply, and I haven’t had any supply issues since!

BoobyMilk Booster herbs

We had the privilege of having Virginia prepare and encapsulate my placenta. She even went to the trouble of making some beautiful placenta prints and a dream catcher from the cord – they are the most unique and treasured keepsakes we have! The placenta pills were a godsend in those early weeks, I felt energised, my mood was fantastic and my post-partum recovery was fast: my uterus had shrunk right back down within a matter of days, and I only had minimal bleeding. Virginia kindly came to our home, picked up the placenta for encapsulation soon after birth and delivered it back to us within a couple of days – we didn’t have to do a thing, giving our new little family more uninterrupted time together…

Placenta pills

I used Virginia’s ‘Boobymilk Booster’ herbal formula to help increase my milk supply during the first few months after birth, as I felt the supply had dropped off from the initial amount (ie. my breasts were not as large and full of milk as I thought they should be).  I really struggled getting used to breast feeding, it was painful and not enjoyable.  But I stuck with it and once I mastered attaching my daughter correctly so feeding wasn’t painful, the formula assisted me and my daughter to get into a routine where my supply was regulated by her demand.  I realised you don’t need big breasts to feed successfully, my body knew what my daughter needed. I breast fed for 13 months and I’m really glad that I was able to give my daughter a good start in her life.”

Jane Peacock

I can’t recommend Natural Beginnings enough – the knowledge and experience Virginia has shared with us on our natural pregnancy, birth and parenting journey has been invaluable and we feel very blessed.

Natural pregnancy, birth and parenting