I had been struggling for a long period of time with hormonal symptoms such as chronic pain, pms, low energy levels, dizziness, mood swings and sugar cravings. I had been seeking treatment from doctors and other naturopaths for a long time with little to no results and was starting to feel a bit desperate. I was finally diagnosed with adenomyosis but still had no appropriate treatment.
I did some research and saw that Mizan therapy had been used in some cases with positive results. Virginia was one of the practitioners who offered this treatment so I booked an appointment. Virginia started doing Mizan therapy with me on a monthly basis and put me on a course of herbs and supplements.
Within 3 months I started to see great results. My hormonal issues and chronic pain have significantly decreased, I am back to exercising and having no more regular time off work each month. My results have been life changing and I can’t recommend Virginia highly enough!
Marcelle Jordan