She [Virginia] is a lifesaver. When I’ve had mastitis, which unfortunately happened many times with my second, she was able to help me with a poke root tincture each time. I am so thankful for her knowledge and help. She is kind and nurturing.
~Allie Paduch

Mastitis herbs

The Immune Restore tincture has been my saviour preventing me from doing what I would have previously done as a last resort – take antibiotics! I had a throat infection that wouldn’t budge but going with Virginia’s advice, I tried the tincture and the throat infection was gone withing two days! My Husband at the same time went and got antibiotics and took those to only find the infection came back a couple of weeks later. After seeing how effective the tincture was for me and during an extremely busy and overwhelming time in my life, I decided to start taking the tincture on a regular basis and also offer it to my near 3-year old daughter who will take it sometimes too. Since then we have gone through numerous times of household sickness and we have either not gotten sick or have had reduced duration and severity of symptoms. Truly amazing for me to discover that natural really does beat the meds! What a gift the Immune Restore Booster tincture has been for me and my family!
~Danni G

Immune Restore Herbs

When I started having some issues with my milk supply being low a couple of weeks after birth, I once again turned to Virginia for advice and she provided me with [the BoobyMilk Booster] tincture which quickly helped boost my milk supply, and I haven’t had any supply issues since!

BoobyMilk Booster herbs

Virginia’s skills as a doula and herbalist were [also] great during the labour, suggesting positions when I felt stuck, giving me herbs and flower essences when I needed an energy boost, and encouraging me to voice my feelings when they intruded into the progress of the labour.

Birth Herbs

Newly pregnant and with a toddler to chase around all day, I was exhausted but still having trouble getting to sleep at night. After trying various remedies (listening to music, having a warm bath, even acupuncture!) I came to see Virginia desperate for some help with my insomnia. After only a few days on the herbs she prepared for me, I was falling asleep easily and more importantly, staying asleep! Bliss!

Herbs for pregnancy insomnia

I am so grateful I found Virginia during my pregnancy. I had PUPPPS (a pregnancy induced rash that was driving me crazy) and had tried various things to fix it. Antihistamines, V8 juice, cold water all eased the never-ending itch a little but nothing was more than temporary and minimal help. Apparently PUPPPS doesn’t go away till the baby is born but I didn’t want to give up so I asked Virginia for some herbs. WOW. Within 2 days, itch had reduced by 50%. By 10 days, it had virtually disappeared, to the point I stopped taking the herbs or even thinking much about it at all. SO delighted as this changed my last weeks of pregnancy from an itchy haze to just normal 3rd trimester slowing down. Baby now here and is perfect Virginia, I can’t express my thanks enough.
~ Sue White (

Herbs for PUPPPS