Homebirth After Caesarean in Croydon

I found Virginia through Facebook groups early on in my pregnancy with #bub 2. Virginia worked with me on the preparation for my VBAC which with her help turned around into a dream HBAC! Virginia was instrumental in setting me up for success with her work. She empowered me – she was a huge confidence boost. I loved having Virginia visit me at home and prepare for birth. She worked to include my 5 year old son too. She supported me on the big day when labour kicked off, guided hubby, partnered with my private midwife and assisted bring bub earthside. I am forever grateful for her. She’s full of experience, warmth, humour and love. World’s best doula! 🥰

Deborah Hooper on the birth of Violet (2022)

Precipitous Homebirth in Wattle Grove

Finding the right birth partner to have within my birth space was so important for me, especially being my first pregnancy. When looking for a doula, I wanted someone that aligned with my holistic beliefs and that was able to understand my needs and wants – Virginia provided just that and more. Her professionalism, kind and caring nature coupled with her expertise and immense knowledge around birthing allowed me to feel comforted and reassured in her presence.
My husband and I were extremely grateful for Virginia’s services and highly recommend her for that added support throughout pregnancy and aftercare.

Jasmine Al on the birth of Suhaib (2022)

Planned Homebirth with First Time Mum in Cronulla

Virginia was my doula and supported me through my first pregnancy and birth of my baby boy in May 2022.
She gave me so much strength and guidance. She helped me educate myself and feel prepared for a home birth experience.
During pregnancy, Virginia not only gave me the emotional support, but her massages and spinning baby techniques were very helpful!
I can’t recommend Virginia’s services enough! She is kind, genuine, and a true source of light in hard moments.
PS: she also photographed us. Amazing job!

Juliana Salgado on the birth of Kai (2022)

Fast Natural Hospital Birth at St George with Third Time Mum

I used Virginia’s doula service for my third baby and what a different experience it was having her support throughout my pregnancy.
Virginia helped me feel confident and empowered and my birth experience was so much more positive having her knowledge guide me through. A huge thank you for everything.

Candice Henneberry on the birth of Aura (2020)

Natural Hospital Birth For 2nd Time Mum 

I moved to the Shire area half way through my pregnancy and had to leave behind a wonderful midwife who was like my doula. I was anxious about how my birth was going to unfold without knowing who my midwife was going to be on the day. Then I found Virginia, from start to finish her service and care has been outstanding. She helped me feel relaxed about my upcoming birth and like I could relax when the time came that I’d be supported how I wanted during my labour. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and resources for her clients which was invaluable in prepping me for labour.

During labour we worked with Spinning Babies to flip my son over to anterior and I birthed him naturally with no drugs after an intense ending. The whole way Virginia was confident and calm, knew the right things to say to keep my head in the game and helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Every woman needs to have a doula and Virginia far surpassed all our expectations. We couldn’t have birthed the same without her! Thank you so much for everything Virginia.

Chloe Rose on the birth of Jaxon (2019)

First Time Mum with Gestational Diabetes

Virginia was such a great support during my pregnancy and labour. I had gestational diabetes and her knowledge of herbal remedies along with diet and exercise brought my sugars down. When ever I had a question she was happy to help. She was a great support during my labour along with my husband. It was encouraging to have a team around that fully supported my decision.

If you want someone who will back your decisions and help to voice it when you’re focused on your baby she is the one you want in the room.

Laura O’Malley on the birth of Ella (2019)

First time Mum Vaginal Birth at Sutherland Hospital

Virginia is one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met. She showed me compassion, kindness and was exactly the person I needed by my side when I gave birth and afterwards. She continues to check in with me to see how I am going. I’m not just another client to her. She is warm, knowledgeable, calm and will always honour and uphold you in your most vulnerable time. I can’t recommend anyone more highly enough to walk you into motherhood. In an unknown space where fear can sometimes overtake, Virginia grounded me and guided me through the journey.
The aftercare I received from her was wonderful. I trust Virginia’s expertise and knowledge.
Thank you Virginia!

Kara Le on the birth of Stevie (2019)

First Time Mum Homebirth

I hired Virginia Maddock as a doula and photographer for the birth of my first baby (at home). It was a beautiful experience and I cannot imagine having to go through that without her. From our prenatal appointments Virginia prepared us for what was to come, we talked about different stages of labour, she also gave us some massage techniques which could be done to prepare for birth as well as during labour.

My partner also attended “Beer and Bubs” organised by Virginia and I think he picked up quite a few things from that, as he did just what I needed in the moment.

During my labour Virginia was incredibly supportive and helped me to get through various crisis moments that arose, when I thought I couldn’t keep going. She also captured some really beautiful birth photos.

It was also really amazing to have Virginia’s support postpartum. She called many times to make sure everything was going well, and gave a few tips when I was struggling with something. She also came to our place two or three times to check in on us and performed Closing the Bones Ceremony for me at our last meeting. In addition we got a beautiful dream catcher made from baby’s umbilical cord and a print of the placenta (for a small extra fee).

We are so happy that Virginia was a part of this journey with us and helped make it so much smoother. I cannot imagine doing it without her. Hiring Virginia was one of the best decision I made for my pregnancy and cannot recommend her enough to other expecting mamas.

Marina Lyshova on the birth of Ocean (2019)

Herbal Help For Gestational Diabetes

Virginia was my doula for my second child, it was 4 years ago. Her expertise provides holistic care for birthing mothers needs so well! But not only she’s an excellent doula but her herbal mix are so powerful and effective! I have gestational diabetes with my 3rd baby, was on crazy amount of insulin not long ago. A couple of weeks ago, I got blood sugar and birth prep mix from Virginia. I’m OFF insulin now, managing my blood sugar level just with the herbal mix. Mother Earth truly knows and provides all we need! So grateful! Thanks Virginia!

Bitna Castillo

First Time Mum’s Lotus Birth

I would give more than 5* if I could! Virginia made our birth experience as perfect as possible! She helped us with lots of good information (books, dvds, experiences).
I had a drug-free natural undisturbed lotus birth and she was a perfect partner in it. She and my Husband made a perfect supporting team! I will always remember her and will keep her with my best memories. We like to have another baby and I want Virginia to be with us again.

Adrienn Kovacs on the birth of Abel (2017)