Our daughter aged 7mths was suffering from constipation and in so much pain she would scream when she passed a bowel motion. This was very distressing and left us feeling helpless, she was still breastfed and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables but still having so much trouble going. Within weeks of treatment from Virginia things started to change and we now have a normal healthy child whose only indication of having passed a bowel motion is a telling odour!  I would highly recommend Virginia to treat anyone’s child and trust in her knowledge and abilities as a herbalist. The treatment was simple and inexpensive but best of all natural. Virginia has also treated my 8yr old for a few minor ailments thus assisting us to avoid the medical route of treatment when it is unnecessary and so much better for a child to recover naturally from these common yet overly medicated ailments. Thank you so much  for all your wisdom and compassion Virginia.

Sandy B

I can’t recommend Natural Beginnings enough – the knowledge and experience Virginia has shared with us on our natural pregnancy, birth and parenting journey has been invaluable and we feel very blessed.

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