Dear Virginia,
I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you for arranging my beautiful Blessingway. I have only recently heard about the old Navajo tradition while exploring my spirituality and it appealed to me in so many ways… .the honouring of a pregnant mamma, the rituals and the sisterhood.
I had only known you for a few weeks and you willingly opened your heart and home and put on the most precious, special ceremony on for me and I will forever be grateful to you and to all the gorgeous mammas who took part in the blessingway as well.
Not only that you also organised all the women who attended to cook meals for me post birth and OMG it was a Godsend not having to cook for the first 2 weeks was amazing and really the best gift a new Mum can receive.
So a BIG Thank you to you for everything you truly are an Angel and I honestly feel so blessed to have met you…….
Love and Blessings

Phoebe xx

Hi Virginia
Thank you sooo much for hosting my Blessing way on Saturday! It meant the world to me and the ceremony will forever be so sacred to me and those that I shared this day with..
I felt so special and pampered.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for hosting my Blessingway. It was everything I wanted. I really appreciate the energy and time you put in to it, and the love and support you are giving me. To have you as part of my birth team means the absolute world to both my husband and myself. Your positive messages and vibes about my birth are helping so much in me being able to relax and visualise it all unfolding beautifully. Thank you again, so much and I am so glad to have you with me (us) on this journey.


It was a beautiful and empowering day soaking up all the love and connection with close friends and family, really feeling the blessings of everyone to surround me leading up to the birth, during the birth and afterwards. Feeling so excited about this birth and the Blessingway just encapsulated all that I was wanting to give me that extra bit of strength and encouragement. Love love love my henna belly too. Thanks Virginia for facilitating such a beautiful ceremony. xox